Your Hair After Lockdown

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We would like to thank our clients for your support and understanding as you return to Christian Wiles Hairdressing to have your hair done after lockdown.  Independent businesses have been having a terrible time, and we are no exception – remaining closed for over three months has been incredibly difficult for us emotionally and financially.   We have had to take some difficult decisions upon re-opening such as temporarily stopping our offers and adjusting our prices.  These changes are necessary if we are to survive as a business.  Please let us explain: 

Colouring Hair

Over the past few months your hair has grown. Coloured hair now has significant regrowth and, if you have coloured your hair at home, your hair will need even more care as we try to correct the colour imbalances.  Put simply, we need to colour your hair in three sections – the roots, the mid-lengths and the ends – so it is blended and beautiful.  Your hair appointment will, therefore, take longer and we will need to use more colour on your hair. We, therefore, have to charge accordingly.

Cutting Hair

Your hair has grown during lockdown.  Men and women with significantly longer hair are effectively have to have a restyle so we can get your hair back into great shape again.  This takes longer so your appointment time is extended.  We, therefore, have to charge accordingly.

Staggered Appointments

We are staggering appointments to enable social distancing and have fewer of you in the salon at any one time. This is for your safety and in accordance with Government guidelines.  It will take time for our salon to get back on its feet as we are seeing fewer clients but over a longer period of time.  Our pricing reflects this extra time


We have purchased PPE so we can give you a freshly laundered towel & disposable gown for use during your appointment.  Our team must all wear face visors.  We have spent a considerable amount of money on PPE to keep you and our team as safe as possible.  We are taking the brunt of this cost but we have also adapted our prices to help.

Hand Sanitisers & Cleaning Materials

In accordance with Government guidelines we must have hand sanitisers available, and clean down our styling stations, equipment and high-touch areas between appointments.  This restricts the number of clients we can have in the salon.  


We are asking either for pre-payment or a deposit upon booking to reduce the amount of contact within the salon. This is for your safety and to secure your appointment.

Offers Suspended

Our offers have been temporarily suspended.  These are exceptional times and we simply cannot afford, as a business, to give our guests reduced price hair appointments at the moment.  

Thank you for your understanding.  We know you have also been through some difficult times but we do ask you to bear with us.  We will continue reassessing our services, costs and pricing over the next few months and hope to get back to some sort of normality soon.