Spring Clean Your Hair Tools!

Forget The Cupboards!  Spring Clean Your Hair Tools Instead!

spring clean your hair tools, top hair tips from christian wiles hair salon in northampton

If it's time for a Spring Clean, don't forget to give your hair tools a little spritz while you've got the dusters out! 

1. Replace Old Hair Products

Check the expiry dates on your shampoos and conditioners and replace any that are out of date. Check all cream or liquid-based products in tubs and bottles - but don't worry too much about your hairspray as this is much less likely to deteriorate.  You can restock with fresh hair supplies from our online shop here!

2. Clean Your Hair Brushes

Avoid brushing dirt and grease back into your hair by washing your hair brushes weekly using a gentle shampoo. If you have a fancy wooden or paddle brush, check the manufacturer's guidelines on washing (you don't want to spoil the wood effect).  

3. Wipe Down Your Electric Hair Tools

Heated curlers, hair straighteners and wands should also be cleaned with a damp cloth regularly to get rid of dirt, sprays and serums.  Unplug your electrical tools and please do NOT submerge them in water.  

4.  Check Your Hairdryer Filter

Check your hairdryer filter.  This can get blocked and affect how your dryer performs.   Check your manufacturer's instructions and make sure your dryer is unplugged before twisting or unclipping the filter.  Be careful not to break the filter! Gently wipe with a cloth to remove dirt and dust.