Help! What Can I Do With My Hair?

After weeks in lockdown you are, no doubt, ready for a professional hair cut or colour  While your priority must be to stay safe and well, your health and wellbeing is also important, so now may be the perfect time for some TLC!

Lots of you have asked us what you should do with your hair while you’re staying safe at home.  Well, we’re glad you asked because below we have some tips to help you.  

Of course, we understand you may be tempted to cut or colour your hair at home but we do urge you to resist this is you can. You will find it difficult to match up the colour and are very likely to end up with a mish-mash of shades which may fade, change colour or even cause an allergic reaction. 

We are all in this together so no-one is going to gossip about your roots showing or how much grey hair you have.  If you do cut or colour your hair at home, the results may be fairly disastrous and we cannot pop round to sort it out for you.   So, what can you do instead?

#1. Invest In A Temporary Colour For Your Roots

If your root regrowth is really causing concern, why not invest in a temporary concealer?  We have teamed up with the fabulous people at Salon Trusted where you can buy all of the products we use on your hair… and at great prices.  There is free delivery on orders over £15.00 and, if you use the discount code FIRST20 , you will receive 20% off of your first order!  Also remember to add the salon code WILES01 so that Salon Trusted know you are one of our clients.  Check out Salon Trusted here and don’t forget to search for L’Oreal Hair Touch Up and Color Wow root concealers which can temporarily lighten or darken your roots.  The results usually last until your next hair wash and tend to give a subtle result. 

There is huge demand for root touch-ups at the moment so if you struggle to get hold of a root concealer, why not invest in a dry shampoo instead?  Christian Wiles says: “A dry shampoo can help to mask your root regrowth and you can’t go far wrong with a Baptiste Dry Shampoo from your local shop.”


Use this time as an opportunity to try out new hairstyle – this goes for men as well as women.   When you wear your hair the same way every day, it can become flat and your roots look darker than they actually are. Try changing your parting to the other side, slicking it back or putting it into a bun or ponytail.  A change in parting can be particularly effective on highlighted hair – especially if your last visit was for a T-section or half head of highlights – as your natural colour will already have grown through a fair amount on the ‘hidden’ parts of your hair.  Check out some videos on how to style your hair or how to do a professional blow dry. 

#3. Say Hello To Healthy Hair

We have set up a brand new on-line store where you can buy your favourite hair and beauty treatments from leading brands Baxter of California, Matrix and ghd.   Get your hair looking as healthy as possible by investing in some high quality hair treatments such as a Matrix Biolage Colorlast Deep Treatment or the wonderful Matrix Biolage R.A.W. hair masks

#4. Buy A Semi-Permanent Glossing Treatment

If you cannot cope with your roots showing, why not buy a ‘miracle treatment’ for your hair?  We think you’ll love the smoother, softer, shinier hair you can achieve with the Matrix R.A.W. Replenish Oil and the Total Results Miracle Creator

#5. Follow The Trend For Wearing Head Scarves

Hopefully we will all only be in isolation for a few weeks more, so have some fun with the latest hair accessories.  Grab that scarf, bandana or hat out from the back of your cupboard and try out some styles to keep those roots hidden.   

#6. Join Our Priority Booking List

Once we are back up and running, we will be delighted to welcome you back into our Northampton salon and barbers.  If you want to get to the head of the queue for appointments, make sure you put your name down on our Priority Booking List.  You can find out more about that and join the list here.  We look forward to pampering you in true Christian Wiles style!