The ‘Granny Grey’ Hair Trend

Granny Hair, Don’t Care? The Team at Christian Wiles Hairdressing take a look at the hottest hair trend of the moment…

Girls in there twenties are dying their locks grey embracing the “granny hair” trend that is sweeping the nation. This latest hair trend evolved from the catwalk over a year ago when worn by Cara Delevingne, and is good news for the silver hair lovers of the world who are posting images on social media under the hash tag #grannyhair.


How do I achieve the ‘granny grey’ hair colour?!

For the younger granny hair trend followers, going grey takes serious effort not only creating this look but also maintaining the granny grey hair colour. To keep the Grey Looking fresh from brassy tones, you will need to visit the salon regularly because grey hair colour can and will wash out quickly.

To have your grey looking its best, you will need to freshen it up every few weeks with a toner, and in between visits to our hair salon in Northampton we would also recommend MATRIX ‘So Silver’ shampoo – this will enhance and maintain the tone in between your salon visits. And who thought going grey would be easy?!

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