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Beard & Face Profiling Service for Men at Christian Wiles Grooming Salon in Northampton 

“Gone are the days of simply offering a short-back-and-sides.  Today’s gentleman demands a plethora of add-on services” according to Charlotte Grant-West, Editor of HJ Men.

In a frank interview with a number of the industries most trusted Men’s hairdressing guru’s, Charlotte discovers the most popular male grooming services of the moment! We’re delighted to tell you that the award-winning Christian Wiles Face & Beard Profiling is top of her list.

The detailed report explains that there are a growing number of barbers and men’s hairdressers that are working towards meeting the demands of the modern man by offering services thatenhance the in-salon experience. Christian explains;

Our guys visit us for not only a great haircut, but also expert advice on how to disguise receding hairlines, eliminate speckles of grey and more often than not, how to style their hair in a way that is flattering to their features’  he continues to explain ‘we look forward to catching up with our regular clients and  welcoming new guests and their feedback is always that they love our laid-back approach, their bottle of beer and our professionalism.

The Beard & Face Profiling service is a custom-made technique that analyses the face shape and identifies ways to define and accentuate individual features and bone structure. Investigation through in-depth consultation at our Northampton barbers and visual analysis allows our specialists to sculpt bespoke and personalised hairstyles, colours and beards that visually alter and enhance specific features.

Our guests visit us for our expertise in hair, salon ambience and for the complete grooming experience – they want us to help them look and feel their best. We are committed to doing just that! 

If you would like to visit Christian Wiles Traditional Gentleman’s Grooming in Northampton please click here to book online or call our reception desk.

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