Reuzel Christmas Gift Packs for Men

Reuzel Christmas Gift Packs for Men

Reuzel: The Finest Male Grooming Products in the World!

When Christian Wiles select professional hair products we consider style, image and results! Our team of multi-award winning male stylists have chosen to work with Reuzel as they are considered the finest men’s hair products in the world. The range of pomades, beard grooming treatments and shampoo’s will ensure that you can achieve great style and versatile looks in-between salon visits.

Reuzel is the brainchild of Schorem, the cult 12-chair Rotterdam barbershop that has a global following of almost 1 million Facebook fans and a daily queue outside its doors. Our boys in Northampton say these awesome men’s hair product are wicked and will perfectly style both barbershop classics and signature haircuts. If you’re looking for a pomp, quiff, flat top, fade or razor shave, then we’re the go-to barber shop and will advise you on the ultimate styling product to complete your hairstyle and achieve the look that you desire.

Reuzel Hair Heroes

hair-tonic-blueMulti-tasking hair hero

Need your hair to last all day? Reuzel Blue Tonic is the must-have liquid……for work and play! Reuzel Hair Tonic is an oil free formula that will keep your hair in place all day.

It’s awesome on the scalp, especially if stored in the fridge and it creates a natural, healthy shine as well as ensuring a manageable well groomed finish! Ask your stylist how to create different looks by cocktailing the tonic with a pomade!




reuzel-blueHandles It All!

Reuzel Blue Pomade has its very own Northampton cult following! Its packed with high shine and strong hold and whilst it holds like a heavy wax, it rinses like a gel.

Perfect for any level of thickness and texture. Offering serious styling ability for anything from a polished pom to a hard core quiff. If you’re still learning the tricks of the trade, Reuzel Blue is the go-to pomade!


Even Santa Loves Reuzel!

At Christian Wiles, we have the perfect choice of stocking fillers and Christmas Gifts for the boys, men and even scumbags in your life. Take a look at this selection or click here for more inspiration:

Groom & Grow | £17.99

groom-and-growContains 1 Beard Balm 35g
1 Beard Foam 75ml







Wash & Splash | £26.99

wash-and-splash1 Daily Shampoo 350ml
1 Scrub Shampoo 350ml
1 Aftershave 100ml Trade






Pigs Can Fly | £19.99

pigs-can-fly-new-0021 Daily/Scrub Shampoo 100ml
1 Aftershave 100ml
1 Pink/Blue Pomade 35g