Octobeard #wilesbeard


Let’s celebrate the facial follicle throughout the month of October with Christian Wiles Traditional Gentleman’s Grooming in association with Bedfordshire Beard Co.

We will guide you through cultivating a tremendous beard so check out our BEARD tips and then upload the image of your beautiful bush to facebook or Instagram and hashtag it #wilesbeard – you will be entered into our prize beard draw and have the chance of winning a wonderful Bedfordshire Beard Co DELUXE GROOMING KIT

Take Pride in your beard


Be sure to use our SLS free Beard Wash. containing high quality natural oils to keep your skin and facial hair moisturized all day long. Comes in a large 250ml bottle so depending on how big your beard is it should last you a fair while.


A well-groomed beard is second to none when combed or brushed through – leaving no knots and a healthy shine. Using the right brush or beard comb is essential and we have the perfect tools for this job. Our combs and brushes range from £3.00 – £9.00 and there is a brush for every beard type.

Moisturize / Condition

Keeping those facial follicles moisturized with our Beard Oil is going to help grow a healthy beard and it’s going to help your skin stay fresh too After washing your beard Place a 6-8 drops in your palms and massage into hair and skin (combing through if required). After softening has commenced either shave or use as a conditioner if you’re cultivating a valiant beard.

Finish / Style

A Beard Balm is a great way to add a little hold to your beard but still keep it looking strong and healthy, this is the perfect product for those longer beards that stray you only need to apply a pea sized amount into the palms until melted then rub into your beard don’t add too much or it will look like chip grease in your beard. To add the finishing touches to your look ‘tame that tash’ and style into a masterpiece with our Moustache Wax Warm the wax with a hairdryer or keep the wax in your pocket. Scrape wax out with the back of your nail and use sparingly


For regular care, pop in to see our gentleman’s grooming specialist every couple of weeks to help maintain the shape and condition of your beard and to reach those tricky areas that you cant get to. This service can range from can range from £10 -£20 but with regular visits you will have a healthy looking beard so, book an appointment to treat yourself and your beard.

From this point enjoy the attention you will receive from a well maintained beard


Some of our beards hashtagged #wilesbeard  so far…