Metallic Grey Melt

metallic grey matrix christian wiles northampton

Following in the footsteps of ombré and balayage is colour melting and we love this as an even more subtle approach to highlighting. Unlike balayage, this technique doesn’t use two colours. Instead, we add more of one colour to create a seamless finish.

How fabulous is this #MetallicGreyMelt?

Dreamy, icy platinum tones are in high demand at Christian Wiles and are most certainly some of our most requested shades.

Metallic Grey Melt christian wiles matrix northampton What Do You Need To Know About Upgrading To Platinum & Grey Tones? Listen carefully:

1/. If you are considering upgrading to icy or grey tones, a consultation with one of our colour specialists is a must! The integrity of your hair is always our biggest priority and to achieve these tones, your hair must be extremely light. Depending on your current shade, it may take up to 4 lightening sessions and in some cases, it may not be possible. You must be aware that patience is key and it is essential that you respect our professional opinion.

2/. We will always spend time during your consultation discussing how you can keep your colour and condition fabulous when away from the salon. This, like most fashion colours, is EXTREMELY high maintenance and you will need regular visits to top it up every 2-4 weeks.

Wondering Which Products To Take Home? Here’s our favourites:

The multi-tasking Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator is a must with its 20 beautifying benefits that include boosting nourishment, preventing from breakage and offering quality heat protection.  

Don’t even consider walking out of the salon without a professional silver shampoo and a professional colour care conditioner.  Our favourites are Matrix Total Results Colour Care So Silver Shampoo (to enhance those cooler tones) and Matrix Total Results Colour Care Conditioner.

Will Grey and Silver Tones Suit You? Here’s our verdict:

Cooler tones naturally work better with blondes and people with cooler pigments in their complexion but in our opinion, anyone can rock a fashion colour – what is most important, is that you are prepared to commit to its upkeep so that your hair is always fabulous!

Remember your hair is our reputation!