Hair Care in Pregnancy from Christian Wiles Hairdressing in Northampton

Your body undergoes huge changes during pregnancy but one of the most unexpected changes can be to your hair.

Hormones swirling around your body can take their toll on your hair.  One minute it can be greasy, the next dry, and you could even see your naturally straight hair turn curly!

That’s why the team at Christian Wiles Hairdressing in Northampton has come up with a guide to help you with your hair during and after pregnancy.

If you have any concerns or health issues during or after pregnancy please consult your GP.


Is it safe to colour my hair while pregnant?

If you’re thinking of dying your hair while pregnant or using any chemical hair treatment, consider waiting until after the first trimester.

There isn’t a great deal of research into the safety of colouring or bleaching hair in pregnancy.  The NHS states that it is generally safe to dye your hair when pregnant because the level of chemical coming into contact with your scalp is low.  Click here to find out what the NHS has to say about colouring your hair when pregnant.

It is worth consulting your GP who may suggest you wait until week 13+ of your pregnancy before using any hair chemical treatment such as a colour, perm or hair straightener.

If you simply must colour your hair during pregnancy, we would recommend a skin test first as your skin may react differently to chemicals.  Then opt for highlights, lowlights or semi-permanent dyes in pregnancy rather than a full head of hair colour because these treatments have less contact with your skin and create fewer chemical fumes.

Why does my hair misbehave during pregnancy?

Your hair can be unpredictable during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy so this is not the time to have a drastic hairstyle makeover.

Your hair could become thicker, shinier, drier, oilier, greyer, curlier or straighter!  Do come and talk to one of our expert stylists at Christian Wiles Hairdressing to find out how to cope with your hair.  There are simple ways to cope with problem pregnancy hair from using the right conditioner for dry hair to buying a brush with wood or nylon bristles for greasy hair.

Help!  My hair is falling out after childbirth

Some women experience hair loss after childbirth.  This is not unusual and is a result of your oestrogen levels returning to normal.  Usually the hair loss is minimal and should not cause undue concern.

If your postnatal hair thinning is causing you concern, please consult your GP.  Come and talk to your stylist at Christian Wiles Hairdressing to see if we can create a hairstyle to disguise your hair loss.

Also, be kind to your hair.  Avoid pulling it back into tight ponytails, plaits or buns, be gentle with wet hair and do not over-heat when using hairdryers or styling tools.

Hair ideas for pregnant women and new mums

Pregnant women can experience a ‘softening’ of their facial features so you might want to adapt your hairstyle to suit your looks.  The stylists at Christian Wiles Hairdressing are experts at creating hairstyles to suit different face shapes.

There is no doubt that pregnancy is tiring so you will probably want a hairstyle that is quick and easy to manage. 

Consider wearing your long hair up like Kourtenay Kardashian, Angelina Jolie or Jennier Lopez.  Top knots, side plaits and ponytails tied at the nape of your neck are all easy on-trend hairstyles for 2013.

If you have shorter hair then it is crucial that you have a great haircut.  Make sure you visit your Christian Wiles hairstylist regularly so we can keep your locks in tiptop condition.  Yummy mummies Selma Blair, Katie Holmes and Pink show how to wear short hair with style.

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