Hair Chalking at Christian Wiles


Tempted to experiment with dip dye on your hair but don’t want the permanent commitment, or do you want to stand out in the crowd with a vibrant Ombre hair colour shade, then you need to try ‘Chalking’ – a DIY hair trend that requires one thing … a piece of chalk!

Fashionista’s like Nikki Minaj and Lauren Conrad are taking the red carpet by storm with these intense colours. Ever wondered how one week they can be pink and the next blue? Or in Nikki Minaj’s case display multi coloured hair? Well It’s simple… Hair Chalk! It’s a quick and inexpensive way to add temporary colour to your hair and you can do it yourself without making a big commitment.


Christian Wiles has a few hints and tips which will help you get creative and have you chalking up some bold temporary colours.

“As hair professionals we wouldn’t normally recommend that our clients colour their hair themselves but this temporary technique can be removed after shampooing which makes it ideal for the weekend, a festival or a big night out!”


Hair Chalk Dos and Don’ts

  • If you’re blonde, have you have blonde tips or your hair is porous DO NOT wet your hair before chalking! It will stain the hair because adding water to pure pigment creates a real dye.
  • If your hair colour is anything darker than blonde and you don’t have blonde tips, you’ll NEED the water. Doubling the pigment is what will help the colours to show up on darker hair. Mist a little water on the strand with a spray bottle, and then chalk it up! It won’t stain darker hair the same way it will on lighter hair.
  • To remove the hair chalk you will need to shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo such as MATRIX Essentials Alternate Action this will remove the hair chalk easily and stop the colour building up in your hair.
  • After you wash out the chalk you will need to replenish the hair’s moisture that may have got sucked out with chalking. A conditioning treatment such as MATRIX Hydratherapie Conditioning Balm is a great way to make the hair feel great.



Hair Chalking at Christian WilesSTEP 1:Using gloves apply the chalk to clean dry hair (for a multitonal look twist sections of hair and apply)

Hair Chalking at Christian WilesSTEP 2: Using a soft bristle brush, brush the hair through, this will take away any excess chalk. (For a more intense look don’t brush the hair)

Hair Chalking at Christian WilesSTEP 3: Spray the hair with hairspray and let dry.

Hair Chalking at Christian WilesSTEP 4: When the hair is dry add your next colour smudging the chalk into the previous colour.

Hair Chalking at Christian Wiles

STEP 5: Brush the chalk through with a soft bristle brush, this will blend both colours through and creating the TIE DYE effect and removes any excess chalk from the hair.

Hair Chalking at Christian Wiles

STEP 6: Apply hairspray and let the hair dry.

Hair Chalking at Christian Wiles

STEP 7: Seal the colour into the hair using a tong or flat irons.

fishtail plait chalked hair

STEP 8: To finish the look, create a beautiful TIE DYED fish tail plait.

For more information about hair chalking or purchasing one of our chalk packs call Christian Wiles Hairdressing Salon in Northampton on 01604 604042