Fringes – a BIG Hair Fashion Trend

This year the Hair Fringe is thick, blunt and long preferably sweeping at the top of the eyes. It’s best worn with a messy, textured bohemian feel, think Jane Birkin or Francoise Hardy swept haphazardly with a Brigitte Bardot peek-a-boo curtain.

17These looks have all had a huge influence on how the fringe is worn today. Alexa Chung wears a rich chocolate hue and peek-a-boo fringe worn together ooze perfection. If you really wish to stand out then go for a blunt eye-grazing fringe like Jameela Jamil or Zooey Daschanel they both look striking as they wear Bold raven black and dark chocolate coloured hues which really work with tousled hair and a full-fat-fringe.

Before you make that fringe commitment make sure that you choose the right style of fringe that will suit you, luckily we have a talented team of stylists who would be able to advise you, not only that, if you have your haircut in our salon then we offer a FREE fringe trim service that will keep your fringe looking fresh.

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