Christmas Party Hair Inspiration

Need Some Party Hair Inspiration?

In anticipation, Christian Wiles has pulled together the ultimate party season hair guide….take note!

Pre-Party season…

2You’re now working on borrowed time, if you need your hair to look fabulous within a matter of weeks, you need to follow these simple instructions!

Treat your hair daily to the finest moisturising oil that your budget allows (REHYDRATE, REHYDRATE, REHYDRATE); indulge your tresses with an intense weekly mask (we LOVE Matrix……) and invest in a trip to the salon as quickly as possible (even if only for a quick trim that removes those damaging split ends!).



Get Set Party

From chic bobs to intricate braids, there is a party season hairstyle to suit every face-shape, hair length, outfit and occasion. If you want to look good, there is no doubt that gorgeous hair will help you make instant impact! Here’s our suggestions :

1Dress Up

There are certain occasions when dressing up feels soooo good! Either you’ve invested a small fortune in your outfit or you’ve pulled out that fabulous LBD that you can rely on more than your BFF, whichever you choice you’ve made, let your hair complete the look. Super-shiny, beautifully coloured and polished style is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit!

Stay Cool

Frizzy, ‘messy’ hair that resembles being dragged through a hedge backwards is never a good look but, we hear you…..TOUSLED TRESSES…….EFFORTLESSLY COOL……PERFECTLY UNDONE! Absolutely!!!

Make no mistake that we love those soft, unstructured hairstyles that create a surge of hair-envy without even trying! Cocktail parties, December lunch-dates and Christmas Day….this is the look you should consider! If you haven’t already, invest in a wand (GHD Copper is on everyone’s Christmas Wish List), grab your heat protection and follow this simple DIY video.

Go Dreamy

4Braids are having a winter moment! A long day in the office followed by a party that you need to be noticed at? A halo, fishtail or chain-link could be your answer! If you are looking for a statement look that will last all day & night, consider a braid! Cosmopolitan Magazine has some great inspiration here.

Keep It Chic

OK, we get you! Your dress is going to do the talking……we don’t want a battle between hair & dress. Simple! Chic hairstyles are a winner and will ensure an elegant, sophisticated finish to the most intricate dress. We love super-smooth, uber-shiny tresses. GHD Straightening Irons, Moroccan Oil and a spritz of Matrix ………. should do the trick!

Wow Factor

You want serious wow factor? Christian Wiles needs to be on speed-dial! How many A-listers consistently make front page global headlines because of a new hair do? CALL YOUR STYLIST!

9Colour Envy

Ok….….it’s our secret! We know you’re not supposed to admit that there’s something seriously wonderful about your prompt arrival for cocktails sporting fabulous, vibrant, shiny hair when your “friend” arrives with a blotchy, tear stained face having had a home-hair-dye disaster!!!!

Subtle ombre, beautiful balayage and platinum blonde are the colours of the moment…..but they come with a warning! DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!!

So, if you want to smugly wow with a head turning new signature colour that perfectly compliments your skin tone, CALL YOUR COLOURIST! & hurry, their appointments are seriously limited at this time of year!