Care For Your Hair Over Summer

Whilst no-one can resist the sundowners, the endless excuses to holiday shop and the opportunity to bask in the glorious sunshine there is one thing about summer that comes with a serious warning.  Sun, heat, salt-water and chlorine can be particularly hazardous to your hair.
You may begin the summer with a vibrant colour, perfectly healthy and well-hydrated looking locks and hardly a split end in sight but ,trust us, (we are the professionals) if you do not follow a handful of simple hair care steps, your colour will fade, your hair will become dry, dehydrated and brittle and you will spend hours attempting to battle the frizz.
Our team of hair specialists at Christian Wiles have compiled their top hair care tips for Summer 17.  Alternatively, if you would like assistance to create a tailor-made home hair regime there is a specialist on hand in the salon to offer their expertise.


The sun sucks moisture from your hair so it is vital to pack a deep moisturising treatment in your luggage.  We love Matrix Sunsorials 5 minute Deep Treatment which is ideal for locks being exposed to the sun, sea or pool water.  This is a reparative treatment that envelops hair in a protective veil to prevent damage to the fibre. The formula is enriched with Sunflower Seed Extract, which provides vulnerable tresses with environmental defence, as well as nourishing moisture.


Care For Your Hair Over SummerWhenever the hair is exposed to the sunshine get into the habit of spritzing with a sun product that contains UV Protection. We love Matrix  to protect against sun, salt and chlorinated water.

Cover Up

You have the perfect excuse to blow your budget on an investment sunhat to work with those huge sunnies!  The best advice that we can give you is to keep your hair and scalp covered up whenever possible.


Salt and chlorine are a major cause of hair and colour damage on holiday.  Rinse your hair with fresh water after swimming in the sea or pool.  Both salt and chlorine dry hair out and anyone with blonde hair or blonde balayage tones should take note…..excessive levels of chlorine will turn your hair green if you don’t follow the necessary precautions!


A visit to your favourite salon is a must when you return from a few weeks in the sun.  Whether you simply need a deep treatment, a fringe trim or a colour booster, luscious locks to complement your golden tan are a must!