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Men’s Hair at Christian Wiles Traditional Gentleman’s Salon & Barbers Northampton

We specialize in men’s hair at Christian Wiles in Northampton. We have won many awards for our men’s hairdressing talents, which include Redken tribe Male image award in 2009, American Crew Face Off Competition 2012 and Finalist of the L’Oreal Colour trophy Men’s Image award. We know which hairstyle suits which type of man, which men’s hairstyles are on trend and which men’s hair styles will work for you, your lifestyle and the look you’re trying to achieve. Call in to our Traditional Gentleman’s Grooming hairdressers for men in Northampton to book your next appointment.

STOP PRESS: Christian Wiles Gents Salon is the winner of ‘Best UK Male Grooming Salon of the Year 2016’ at the Salon Business Awards and ‘Male Grooming Salon of the Year’ at the British Hairdressing Awards.


Modern Men’s Hairstyles & Grooming at Christian Wiles Northampton

Whether your hair is short, medium or long there’s a modern male hairstyle for you and we are just the specialist men’s hairdressers and grooming to create it. At Christian Wiles Traditional Gentleman’s Grooming in Northampton, we take men’s hair seriously. So seriously that we have a team of resident ‘male experts’ who all have the expertise to create hairstyles for men that can really enhance your facial features, help you feel more confident and guide you to choosing a hairstyle that is most definitely on trend. With this expert advice we have enabled hundreds of Northampton men to walk out of Christian Wiles gents salon with the perfect hair cut, the closest shave and the aftercare advice to complement your personality and lifestyle. Booking your next men’s hair or grooming appointment with us is more than just a short back and sides. Let us guide you through the process from start to finish with our expertise and unrivaled knowledge

Short hairstyles for men

Shorter hair on men doesn’t have to be classed as the ‘shaved’ look

Before those pesky follicles make a permanent escape, there’s ways and means to create a great hairstyle for men who are receding or losing their hair.

Keeping men’s hair short in a way to detract from a thinning hairline and regular maintenance appointments should be booked in to keep your short hair short.

Mid-length hairstyles for men

This is the most popular category of men’s haircuts and the style possibilities are endless

If you are looking for the perfect men’s hairstyle for straight hair, curly hair or wavy hair, there are some men’s hairstyle inspiration for you here. If your hair is curly and you want it straight, consider investing in a great styling product and some straightening irons such as ghd. Yes your missus might have them but they can be used on men’s hair that is long enough to create the style you want.

Men’s hair products are really important for creating the right hairstyle. Matrix haircare have a fantastic styling products in the style link range that will help you create the right men’s hairstyle. On your next visit to christian wiles traditional gentleman’s grooming, northampton, speak with your specialist men’s stylist about the different products that will create different looks. They will show you how to recreate your hairstyle at home and the right products to aid the styling and finish your look.

Mens hairstyles for long hair

Long hair on men doesn’t mean you have to be a rock star

There are men who wear their hair longer, especially younger men with side swept fringes, hair that comes past the ears and those with naturally curly hair who will embrace this quality. Longer hairstyles for men should take into account the face shape and the type of hairstyle that will bring out your features and not to hide behind the hair.

Wearing your long hair tied back can seem a bit of a cop-out with men’s hair so think of adding shape and texture to your long hair to enhance your natural hair type and be able to style and go.

Mens hair colour

Enhance the hairs texture or blend the grey

We have expert skills at Christian Wiles Gents Salon to take care of all your men’s hair colour needs.

From placement hair colour techniques which will enhance the hair’s texture, to hair colour camouflage which will discreetly blend away the grey with natural looking results the colour will fade away and no – one will ever know you had had it done!

Beard & Face Profiling

Complimentary Service

A custom made technique that analyses the face shape and identifies ways to define and accentuate individual features and bone structure by styling the hair in a specific way and defining the silhouette of the beard and face.

Investigation through in-depth consultation and visual analysis allows our specialists to sculpt bespoke hairstyles and beards that enhance specific features. During this service, we also educate guys on effective styling techniques that they can use at home to mask and enhance.

Our Northampton Gents Grooming Salon & Barber shop wins 2 national awards!

Christian Wiles of Christian Wiles Traditional Gents Hairdressing Salon in Northampton wins ‘Best UK Stylist 2017′  at the Salon Business Awards.
Christian then when on to scoop a Second National Award  ‘Best Mens Hairdresser 2017’  at the Hair Awards.