Hair Cuts and Hairstyles

Hair Cuts and Hairstyles

The Best Hair Cut & Hairstyle at Christian Wiles Northampton

Christian Wiles Hairdressing has an outstanding reputation for contemporary cutting.  With over two decades of expertise and experience Christian has passed on his knowledge and expert hair cutting skills onto his team of talented hair stylists at our hairdressing salon in Northampton. The dynamic team at Christian Wiles are waiting to help you create the hair cut and style you have always dreamed of.

The team at Christian Wiles know the power of the perfect hair cut.  Creating a hair cut and hair style requires us to get to know a little bit about you first.  Finding a little about your personality and lifestyle will arm us with the relevant knowledge to create the perfect hair cut and hairstyle that will work for you long after you have walked out of the salon.

Expert Hair Cuts and Hairstyles at Christian Wiles

Creating the best hair cut and style requires many precision hairdressing and cutting techniques.

Our team of hair stylists have many tools at their disposal to create the perfect hair cut with the right amount of volume, texture and movement for you.  Clippers and razors can sometimes be used to ensure precision cutting techniques.

Years of training, decades of experience and a passion for creating the best hair cuts and hairstyles ensures you get the very best hair cut on every visit to Christian Wiles.

Find The Right Hair Cut & Style For You

Without seeing and assessing your hair it’s nigh on impossible to advise which hair cut and style would suit you as an individual.

That’s why an informal one-on-one free consultation at Christian Wiles is so essential in creating the best hair cut and style.


At Christian Wiles we use our professional expertise to help guide and advise on the best hair cuts and styles that are up to date and manageable for you.

Most of us have insecurities when it comes to the way we look and we are often asked if we can use hair cutting techniques to play down physical features.  We answer these questions in a sensitive and understanding manner and take into account your facial features when advising on the best hair cut and style.  For example,

–       if you feel self conscious about a prominent nose we can cut hair onto the face using softer graduated sides to disguise a larger nose.

–       If you have a short neck and you would like it to appear longer then adopting graduation techniques can achieve this

–       You can balance a long and oval face with soft waves, volume and curls to create extra width

Short Hair Styles

All hairdressing at Christian Wiles requires precision cutting but short hair styles require attention to detail and an eye for perfection.

From short choppy bobs to pixie crops and graduated chops the short hair trend is easy to style but requires regular cuts to maintain the look and precision of the hair cut. The right short hair cut can really accentuate your facial features.

Mid Length Hair Styles

For those not daring enough for the chop and those who can’t be hassled with the maintenance of long hair the mid length or medium hair cut and styles are versatile and manageable.

Wear loose in waves or poker straight or tie back into a ponytail when time is of the essence. Long enough for braids, plaits and up dos, mid length hair cuts and styles are an all round success story.

Long Hair Styles

The obsession with long hair and the long hairstyles continues with look that are super-feminine, glamorous and striking.

But, long hairstyles require essential maintenance appointments to keep those split ends at bay and long hair looking in optimum health and condition.

Whether achieved naturally or with hair extensions, the hair styling possibilities for long hair are endless. Down straight or emphasised with big bouncy curls, worn long and loose for the hippy grunge look or worked upwards into sophisticated beehives, plaits and braids are just a few of the more popular styles requested at Christian Wiles when it comes to long hair.

Read a simplified version hairdressing price list for Salon Services at Christian Wiles Hairdressing.

Contemporary Hair Cuts and Hairstyles

At the Christian Wiles Hairdressing salon you are guaranteed a team of dedicated hair designers who know exactly what hair trend is about to explode onto the fashion scene.

And, whilst hair fashions come and go, hair trends are influenced by the celebrities we see on screen, online and in print along with catwalks and pop-culture.

So, whilst we’re always confident of delivering the very best contemporary haircuts and hairstyles we will always give our expert professional advice and let you know what hair cuts and styles we feel would suit you as a person.

Taking inspiration from those influential people around us, here are some of the contemporary haircuts and styles currently requested at Christian Wiles:

Blunt Fringes – Think Cheryl Cole, Kelly Rowland and Kim Kardashian.  A sleek shiny blunt fringe is sexy and sophisticated.

Film star glamour – We’re still obsessed with all things vintage here in the UK.  Living our lives through an Instagram filter we love the classic styling of Hollywood bygones.  Don your blood red lipstick, pour your curves into clashing vintage prints and think Dita Von Teese, Marilyn Monroe with a contemporary twist.

Up-dos and dressed hair – wear it sky high with volume and lift for an ultra glamorous ‘fresh off the red carpet’ dramatic hairstyle.

Our dedicated stylists at our hair salon in Northampton are waiting to give you the perfect hairstyle. To book your hair appointment at Christian Wiles Hairdressing give us a call on 01604 604042