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Hair Colour at Christian Wiles Northampton

With a dedication to hair colour mastery, countless awards and an outstanding reputation as the premier hairdressing salon in Northampton, you’re in safe and expert hands when it comes to hair colour at Christian Wiles Hairdressing.

Hair colour is individual and at Christian Wiles we understand the importance that the right hair colour and hairstyle can make you look and feel fantastic.

Choosing the best hair colour for your skin tone, style and personality can really emphasise your features, making you stand out from the crowd.

The first stage to deciding on the perfect hair colour is for you to call into Christian Wiles Hairdressing for a free no obligation consultation.  Here, our dedicated team of friendly hair colour experts will sit you down for an informal chat to find out about you, your personality, lifestyle and look; questions that will all help our hair colour masters select the best hair colour for you as an individual.

Once the right shade and tone has been decided, hair colour is applied using the very latest and advanced hair colouring techniques.  Your expert hair stylist will guide you through the right hair colour application process for you.

Hair colouring techniques used at Christian Wiles Hairdressing include:

Foil Highlights and Lowlights

Using strips of foils in varying lengths and widths the foil highlighting or lowlighting hair colour technique is one of our most popular.

The perfect shade and tone can be achieved effectively using this hair colour application method.

Foil hi-lites and low-lites are usually applied as follows:

Sample foils – taking up to 8 foils hair colour is applied in one section (think sweeping fringe, crown or men’s hair colour).  Using only 8 foils can be subtle, spacing the high and low lights for a more understated hair colour effect or placing 8 foils in one block can produce striking results especially if the desired hair dye used is a contrast to your own colour.

Half head foils – Using only half of the crown as a guide, foil highlights and lowlights are expertly placed to produce the desired colour shade and tone.

Full head foils – Placing foil highlights across the whole section of the head and hair will produce dramatic results.  Colouring all of the hair using foil highlights is a perfect way to get a multi-faceted colour that changes and catches the light as it moves.

Colouring Roots and covering Grey Hair

In order for hair to be kept looking at it’s best it is important to book regular professional hair colour appointments with your Christian Wiles expert hairdresser.

Your stylist will advise the optimum time to leave between appointments and arm you with knowledge, care and advice on the best ways of maintaining hair colour at home.  

However, we cannot avoid our hair naturally growing and so we cannot avoid root regrowthColouring root regrowth regularly will ensure your hair looks full of depth, vibrancy and at it’s best.  It is much better to maintain your hair colour regularly than suffer the embarrassment of grown out roots which can make your hair appear lacklustre and dull.

Colouring grey hair is easier than you think!  At Christian Wiles, even semi permanent hair colours can cover grey hair effectively.  Colouring grey hair can bring a more youthful appearance to your hair.  Regular hair colour appointments to colour grey hair will ensure your hair colour lasts, your grey hair is covered and you’re left looking younger!

Hair Colour Correction

If you’ve had a hair colour disaster –  Rule number 1 is always to remain calm and try not to panic.

Rule number 2 is to call the expert at Christian Wiles and seek professional hairdressing advice.
DON’T fall into the trap of thinking another colour over the bad hair colour will solve your hair colour problem.  This is usually never the case.

Think of your hair as individual strands.  Some will be drier than others, some will have sun damage, some will suffer more from repeated washing and some will have been dyed more than others.


When correcting a hair colour problem, our colour masters will scrutinise your hair closely, seek out the hair colour problem for each section of your hair and prescribe a course of action for fixing your hair colour problem effectively.

We also correct everyday hair colour problems such as highlights that are too orange in tone, blonde hair that appears brassy and removing dark bands of colour that have overlapped due to repeated colouring.  These types of hair colour correction problems are rectified day to day at Christian Wiles Hairdressing.

For more on hair colour correction in Northampton, take a look at our hair colour correction at Christian Wiles.

Our free hair colour consultation

When it comes to hair colour we are  passionate, and we know our clients come to us with many hair colour questions. If you have questions relating to hair colour at Christian Wiles Hairdressing our free in-depth, professional consultation will solve all your hair colour worries.

Topics often cover in our consultation –

  • How often should you get your hair coloured?
  • Will washing my hair fade my hair colour?
  • Can you colour your hair when you are pregnant?
  • Which hair colour is best for my skin tone?
  • How do I ensure my hair colour lasts?
  • Does sunbathing and swimming affect hair colour?

…and many more questions.

To book a hair colour appointment at Christian Wiles give our hair salon in Northampton a call on 01604 604042

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