Hair Colour Correction

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Hair Colour Correction at Northampton’s Favourite Salon 

Have you had a bit of a hair colour disaster? We feel your pain…in fact more than you may think. Trust us, the phone calls of despair & the tears are regular! Mums call us: daughter’s friend is practising to be a hairdresser, oh dear…whatever has she done. Client wants to save some money and goes with a Groupon Deal – yikes! That was why she only paid £30 for a full colour and cut!

Fear not we’ve seen it all, rectified it all and confronted some pretty incredible hair colour disasters. Whether your box dye has gone wrong, your best friends career in hairdressing is on borrowed time or for whatever your reason, you visited another salon and are now disappointed with the results, we are happy to help.  

Christian Wiles and our team of Hair Colour specialists in Northampton are expertly trained to cope with even the trickiest colour correction whilst maintaining the condition of your hair.  We have a number of colourists with a degree in their field and we work with Matrix Professional Hair Colour and their revolutionary products to ensure that optimal condition is always maintained.

We are completely transparent and fiercely honest during our hair colour consultations: your hair is our reputation and we will always push boundaries and use our advanced technical skills to achieve the best possible results however we will never jeopardise condition. Colour Correction can often involve a colour journey and you may need to commit to investing in further appointments and products to reach your desired goal – you can rest assured that we will explain this to you at the very beginning of your consultation.

Hair colour has such dramatic power. A hair disaster can drain your complexion, age you and transform your look into unkempt and untidy.  A good hair colour can lift your skin tone, bring out the colour of your eyes, make you appear more youthful, and inject energy and vitality.  Please contact us immediately if you need support and advice on resolving and correcting your hair colour disaster – we are here to help!

Fixing Hair Colour Disasters

Re-colouring previously coloured hair is not as simple as applying a new shade over the top. If you have a hair colour disaster come and speak to the professionals, we have the experience and the skills to correct your hair colour giving you back your confidence and gorgeous hair colour!

Whether your hair has turned dry and brittle from over processing or your blonde hair is tinged with green, the goal for repairing bleach damaged hair is to restore some of the moisture that has been removed and here at Christian Wiles Hairdressing we can help you to get those lovely locks back into shape.

Hair Colour Is Too Dark Or Too Light?

If your hair colour is too dark we can lighten it up with highlights or if your hair is too light, this can be easily fixed by adding a darker colour or a warmer shade lowlights. Whatever your hair colour problem we can assess your hair colour shade and one of our professional hair colourists can advise you on correcting your hair colour disaster!

Correcting Hair Shade Problems

Don’t panic if your highlights are too yellow or brassy, red or warm, or if you have dark bands of colour where your tint has been over applied – we can easily fix this for you. Call in and see one of our friendly team who can advise on the best course of action for your hair colour correction. For more on hair colour services in Northampton take a look at our hair colour at Christian Wiles Hairdressing.

Book Your Hair Colour Correction Appointment

If your hair colour is uneven or has turned into a hair colour disaster, seek professional advice here at our Hairdressers in Northampton. Here our dedicated hair colourists will decide on the best course of action for your hair, fixing those shading problems back to perfection! Call for an appointment today to correct any hair colour problems you may have – and let the experts at our hair salon in Northampton put it right!